sherlock ios.pngThe Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective adventure/digital board game hybrid, may be a more or less forgotten early killer app of the CD-ROM era, but it also happens to be the very first game I played on my very first CD drive. Apparently the very first FMV game I ever played too, but don't hold that against it. Sherlock Holmes was polished, well-acted and actually smart, which frankly makes it an early '90s rarity and one of the best sleuth games you can still enjoy.

Happily, Zojoi picked up Sherlock Holmes, broke it up in episodes, tidied up the interface, added a few bits and, voila, ported it over to iOS! The first three Sherlock Holmes cases have already been released and can be downloaded and sleuth-ed over on your iPad:

-The Case of the Mummy's Curse
-The Cases of the Tin Soldier
-The Case of the Mystified Murderess