Gunlord developer NG:DEV.TEAM announced that its next homebrew cartridge release for SNK's Neo Geo MVS arcade system will be NEO XYX, a vertically-scrolling bullet hell shoot-'em-up.

NEO XYX is the first true vertically-oriented Neo Geo game; you'll need to turn your monitor on its side to properly play this one. The game will allow you to switch between vertical (TATE) and horizontal (YOKO) controls, however, if screen rotation isn't possible.

"The game will be financed by pre sales," NG:DEV.TEAM notes. "The success of the pre sales determines the size of the game, the amount of game modes and other factors. It's currently scheduled for early 2013."

While NG:DEV.TEAM's previous games have been ported to the Sega Dreamcast, a Dreamcast version of NEO XYX has not been announced. Preorders for the MVS version of NEO XYX are priced at 399 EUR.