brass monkey.pngBoston-based start up Brass Monkey has announced a 30-game partnership with leading independent browser-based developer Nitrome.

The company's self-named "console" turns Android and Apple devices into virtual controllers that connect to browser games via one's Wifi. Brass Monkey has already added the likes of Mario von Rickenbach's Rakete and a collection of Orange Pixel's games. However, the Nitrome partnership will add a 30-game collection that is almost double the console's current lineup.

A version of Brass Monkey's controller app called "Touchy" will soon be available for use on Nitrome. The developer blogs that players can use touch devices for built-in motion control and touch screen interface through the Touchy app. "This technology also allows us local multiplayer opportunities that we could never achieve within the confines of a normal keyboard."

After the jump is a trailer for Nitrome's Double Edged, which offers a glimpse of the four-player, browser-based capability.

Those interested can download the free Brass Monkey iOS or Android app to play with its current offerings. Developers can experiment with Brass Monkey by downloading software development kits for Unity, Adobe, and Javascript.