Fantastic Contraption developer Northway Games has announced its physics-based puzzle game Incredipede is now available for pre-order, along with a dramatic new art direction thanks to Tomas Shahan. Those new to Incredipede should note how the Sense of Wonder Night 2011 overall audience award winner transformed from a more simplistic look to something rather majestic now under Shahan's influence.

In the game, Quozzle is the star Incredipede who sets out to rescue her sisters. She is able to grow new arms and legs to transform into all sorts of awkward-but-functional animals to traverse over 60 levels on her quest. If that's not enough gameplay, Incredipede will have a level editor and online sharing for infinitely more challenges to conquer.

The pre-order price of $11.99 comes at a 20% discount and offers early beta access for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Those who want to see it on Steam fans can vote for Incredipede on Greenlight.