Two hotly anticipated titles released on Steam this week: Eyebrow Interactive's Windows and Mac puzzle platformer Closure and Freebird Games' adventure RPG To The Moon for Windows.

The trailer above is for Tyler Glaiel's browser game turned PSN hit turned Mac and Windows Steam release Closure. Darkness cloaks the stages, and everything that is not lit is one giant death pit. However, with some clever light-manipulating mechanics, players slowly uncover where it is safe to explore.

Closure's PC release comes with unlockable developer commentary and internal development tools for modding. The jury's out on whether shining a light onto Closure's code helps illuminate how to mod it, though. Closure is priced at $8.99 for its first week.

After the jump is the trailer for To The Moon.

Freebird Games' emotional tale To The Moon comes to Steam for Windows in English, French, German, and Italian for $7.99 during its launch promotion. Those who purchased the game previously can email their order ID# for a Steam code.

Developer Kan Gao shared that the second episode of To The Moon is also in progress, though the team is working on a smaller sized project before it. "The new episode will feature the same two doctors, but in another patient's life story. Just another day at the job, invading people's private memories and ruining sentimental moments with wisecracks and whatnot."

To The Moon doesn't have a demo on Steam, but the developer has left the DRM-free, one-hour trial up here.