120925_steelsky.jpgThough Revolution Software's Broken Sword Kickstarter fell short of its final stretch goal, the company has decided to greenlight the development of Beneath a Steel Sky 2, in response to an outpouring of fan support.

The sequel to the 1994 cyberpunk adventure game was initially revealed as a potential follow-up project to Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, provided that its Kickstarter funding exceeded $1 million.

"We're delighted by the recent level of interest in a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky and are currently discussing design ideas for this project which we plan to go into development following the release of Broken Sword - The Serpent's Curse," Revolution Software co-founder Tony Warriner told Develop.

"We're deeply touched that our Steel Sky fans are as enthusiastic today as they were when the original game released in 1994."

Beneath a Steel Sky 2 will be developed for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS and Android devices. Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse is expected to launch in April next year.

[via Joystiq]