Adam Butcher and Ben Claxton have finally released their Windows freeware title Teletrooper (formerly tested as Telenaut) after eight years of development. Inspired by the "non-stop shoot-and-dodge excitement of Star Fox 64," the duo wanted to see how that would translate to top-down 2D.

The tight and hazardous areas, smart enemies, and forward-propelling ship make for nerve-wracking combat and flight. Keeping one's health and accuracy high and clear time low will net a medal; so far I proudly got one after a few tries. Starfox was never this hard for me, but I think I am more used to the on-rails perspective.

In between each battle, a curious story line peeks through, but the text isn't too heavy to slow down the pacing. Teletrooper isn't a linear experience, either, evident in its large, multi-route world map. This feels like a large game, one I will enjoy exploring in full this weekend.