Two Sense of Wonder Night alumni, ZacoZaco and Takayuki Yanagihara, returned to Tokyo Game Show with their latest experimental game designs and even more experimental performances.

First up is ZacoZaco's free Taiso (Gymnastics) on iPhone and Android, presented in somewhat creepy Japanese text-to-speech. The developers have always wanted to create a game in Unity and one where they could throw their phone around, so Taiso was quickly and easily born. Players earn points the more the phone flips and turns along with a solid landing.

The presentation is rather bizarre, told through the diary of the three ZacoZaco developers. One team member stresses over going to a sexy bar and references Chelsea Clinton. Another member thought of making an App that actually hunts loud gamers who play Monster Hunter on the train, but that got scrapped.

I must say the translator was such a good sport. ZacoZaco certainly outdid their KuraKuraMaze demonstration at SOWN 2011.

Next, Takayuki Yanagihara shows Breaks, a rather aurally and visually striking touchpad arena game. Players earn points by smashing a ball through little blocks and charge their energy by hitting the bright section of the outer ring.

As one of many procedurally generated games of the evening, the players' actions and death dynamically generate the music. It's not until stage six in the video that the player first meets death by a block's laser.

Yanagihara is also a returning presenter at SOWN; he demoed Taplib at SOWN last year. Those interested can find more footage and information on Breaks at FullPowerSideAttack.

Eight more presentations await, as I edit and upload. Join me next time for a look at Russian homeless culture and iPhones turned into Sifteo Cubes.