Wanderlust new_mode.pngYeti Trunk's Wanderlust: Rebirth has recently added two updates to its online four-player RPG game for Windows, making it an even richer player-vs-player experience. The first is an arena mode, where players can battle with friends in a fast-paced, team-deathmatch game mode. The other is relic rush mode: a unique adaptation of King of the Hill and Capture the Flag style concepts.

To help ensure servers have players to try these new modes, IndieGames is giving away 20 free Steam codes, with two tweeted on the top of each hour I'm awake.

Details regarding the expansion and more photos are after the jump.

Developer Matthew Griffin told me that he and Jason Gordy have also begun working on a major expansion for Wanderlust: a free-roam continent north of the mainland. "We feel that this is more what people expected from playing a game titled 'Wanderlust' and we intend to deliver," said Griffin.

Griffin recalls the original Wanderlust was called "Wanderlust: The Online Adventure" and was a free-roaming co-op RPG. "We scrapped it and started Rebirth to better scale the project down for a 2-man team, but now we've learned so much, and the engine is done, that we're making progress on it really really fast."

The photos below show off the new day/night cycle and how it affects visuals (players will need to use magic or torches to see clearly).

Wanderlust new_nite.pngWanderlust what_is_this.pngGordy and Griffin intended for most of these new features to be in the sequel of the game but decided to implement them through an expansion, instead. The content should release in 4 sections, with the first two out before the end of the year, and includes a new character class and 40+ monsters.