Australian studio Organic Humans has shared with IndieGames gameplay for its single player, Oculus Rift-compatible, survival horror adventure Montas. Wearing the 3D head set will intensify the experience, since Montas will focus heavily on immersion, atmosphere, story and interactivity.

At its core, Montas draws reference for its mechanics from old school adventure games, but it is also inspired by titles such as Half Life 2, Penumbra, and Amnesia. Players can expect to use mechanics such as exploration, navigation, environment interaction, puzzle solving, platforming and using items with other items.

While there is no combat in Montas, developer Garth Robertson tells us that players will find themselves in a lot of hairy situations that may require them to run, hide or use the environment to escape danger. Thankfully, there also will be no quick time events to replace combat. Robertson describes, "During an encounter that's going badly, you will be given multiple chances to escape or foil your attacker before the killing blow is made, and will be different for each attacker. Some attackers for example will just lose interest or get distracted if you don't provoke them."

There will be no HUD or user interface; players will use visual and audio cues such as blood and sounds of pain to know their status. Montas will also feature a regeneration system to avoid using health potions. Robertson says, "The aim of this is to increase immersion, simulating what it might be like to get injured in real life. You wouldn't really know how close to death you were and might not even notice you cut yourself on a bit of glass immediately, but step out onto the highway in front of a speeding car and you will definitely know."

Indeed, even the environment can trigger a dangerous situation. "If you've seen any of the Final Destination movies you know what I'm talking about," teases Robertson. "To accompany this high degree of vulnerability, the game will feature a persistent death system, which doesn't force the player to repeat sections of the game due to failure, but changes the direction of the story."

The game will feature many differnent enviroments, including underground labyrinths and optional exploration areas. Montas isn't a sandbox game, although it incorporates elements of Sandbox exploration like Silent Hill 2.

Robertson says Montas should release sometime in 2013 for Windows and Mac. A Kickstarter campaign will go live this year, and it is already on Steam Greenlight. The price for Montas will be no more than $10 and roughly the length of an episode for Half Life 2.

So, what's the deal with the Welcome To The Opera website? Robertson says, "Montas casts the player into a dark and mysterious world with little introduction and takes you on a ride full of intrigue and drama. The player is the audience, Montas is the play, and you are invited up on stage. Welcome to the Opera."