avww2.pngI know how we all love discussing A Valley Without Wind; probably one of the most divisive indie games of late and a procedurally generated take on Metroidvania you apparently either love or hate. Also, one of the few games that I am alone in finding aesthetically pleasing and a game its developers have kept evolving for quite some time now. And now, in a pretty unexpected move, a game that will soon be getting a proper full-on sequel.

Oh, and before any of the existing fans of AVWW get all disappointed in a Left 4 Dead 2 way, Arcen Games made it quite clear that this sequel will be absolutely free for all existing customers. Actually, anyone buying a copy of AVWW will also be buying AVWW 2 and vice versa.

To find out what said sequel will be all about better read Chris Park's detailed post or hit the jump for a brief list of things to expect:

-New graphics everyone seems to like better.

-A complete city-building strategy game to tie everything together.

-New enemies. Over 120 of them.

-New isometric world map.

-New plot.

-A new procedural method of creating the game's world.

-The game will now be winnable. And losable too.

-New class system.

-New controls.

-New everything with an extra serving of more changes.