black widow.pngOften compared to Robotron: 2084, Black Widow is a twin-stick arena shooter that released in 1982 as an Atari arcade game and is now a Sokurah (Søren Borgquist) remake. Most notably, the 2012 version has glowing vector graphics that players can toggle on or off.

While the game screen is less cluttered with enemies than in Robotron, the strategy to destroy those enemies is more involved. The player must lure some enemies into destroying them. The Black Widow also has a Bug Slayer who helps clear enemies. However, those enemies do not drop points. Check out the enemies and scoring section for a full debugging, er... debriefing.

Players can redefine the keys or use a gamepad, but they are preset to the ARROW keys to move the spider and WASD to fire in each direction. Those interested can download Black Widow for free for Windows and Mac.