This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The goodies in this edition include an action game that pits players against an army of evil skeletons, Llamasoft's Time Pilot-inspired shoot-'em-up, an 8-bit-styled nostalgia-fest, plus a papercrafted underwater side-scroller starring a recently orphaned shark.

Here's some recent highlights from

Game Pick: 'Second Wind' (Squidly, browser)
"Described as 'witty blend of Text Adventure, Roguelike, and Sweet Simplicity', Second Wind is a comedic little browser-based title that will have you exploring a massive world with the help of random chance."

Game Pick: 'Derrick the Deathfin' (Different Tuna, commercial indie)
"Derrick the Deathfin is a vibrantly colorful action game in which players control Derrick, a recently orphaned shark out for revenge. In Derrick's case, revenge involves destroying ocean-polluting machinery created by humans while eating damn near anything in his path."

Game Pick: 'Retro City Rampage' (Vblank Entertainment, commercial indie)
"Retro City Rampage is an 8-bit-styled nostalgia-fest that parodies the original Grand Theft Auto and tries to cram as many 80s and 90s references into one game as humanly possible."

Game Pick: 'Johnny Carnage' (Milkstone Studios, commercial indie)
"In Johnny Carnage, players must search each level for captured women while evading traps and fending off skeleton hordes. There are multiple weapons to collect, and the bullet-time mechanic is a nice addition."

Game Pick: 'Pushcat' (Zut Games, commercial indie)
"Zut Games' Pushcat seems accurately described as Boulder Dash meets Bejeweled, with a purple cat doing all the grunt work. The man-cat has a lust for silver and must push and dig until he lines up at least three like-colored gems to make the silver appear."

Game Pick: 'Swing Soccer' (Splittin' Pixels Studios, browser)
"In each stage, you must use timed swings in order to kick a soccer ball into a goal or basket at the opposite end of the level. Your character is fragile, though, and if it bumps into the surrounding environment, it's likely to lose an arm or a leg in the process."

Game Pick: 'Five A Day' (Llamasoft, commercial indie)
"Five A Day is a Time Pilot-like multi-scrolling shooter in which players destroy squadrons of enemies and recover their delicious fruit cargo. Since it's a Jeff Minter game, you can expect minotaurs to play a prominent role."