Tetrobot_and_co_announcement.jpg Swing Swing Submarine has told IndieGames that Tetrobot and Co., "a sort of (spiritual) sequel" to Blocks That Matter (the XBLIG and Humble Indie Bundle hit), will release in early 2013 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and various touch devices including iOS.

The few gameplay details available are that while the game will stick mostly to the original puzzle formula, the main character is not Tetrobot (the main character of Blocks That Matter). Tetrobot will be a very important part of the game, and its role is revealed in the photo above.

Go ahead and click on the photo to see the full size and figure out what the role is... or click on the jump for the spoiler.

If you guessed that the whole game is inside Tetrobot, you are more astute than I am! Developer William David says that the concept for Tetrobot and Co. came from feedback received about Blocks That Matter and from various game prototypes the team made in early 2012.

I asked David what exactly that feedback was and how it is shaping this sequel. "Well, the game was clearly difficult, I don't want to say "too much" but maybe a little. We received mails from players that were frustrated about some game elements (some platforming elements, the fact that you can't cancel actions). And we think it was legit. So we want to work on it, make a game a little bit more accessible and more puzzle oriented."

Géraud Soulié, the character design and illustrator of the original game, will handle the in-game art for Tetrobot and Co. instead of David. Therefore, he says, players should expect better art, too.

The team is not working on anything else right now, but says it has enough resources to work on Seasons After Fall again. They will talk about this game in 2013, right after the release of Tetrobot and Co.