"Prepare to lose your voice, as you experience the power of controlling the world around you by shouting!" Students at The University of New South Wales formed the team Anti-Socialites to create First Person Shouter, where one nerd's voice may just be strong enough to take back his otherwise gritty, bully-ridden school. I took to Reddit to confirm at least one of the developers was actually bullied in real life, with this game being a sort of catharsis. The team also shares Glen Forrester's Gnilley and Skyrim as much less stressful inspirations for the project.

The team uploaded an old prototype from April for Windows and Mac users, but a new demo should hit the official Facebook page at any moment.

The following are responses to my questions I asked on Reddit. I love the idea of AMA threads:

Were any or all of you actually bullied?

In a poll of the team some were lucky enough to say no, and others gave a quick yes, but asked nicely not to talk about it. We're not sure whether the game truly encapsulates the way that bullying has affected us or even others. But it was very stress relieving, and certainly reminded me of moments when I didn't have anything intelligible to say but just wanted to yell.

When will this game release, and will it be freeware or playable in browsers?

Currently exams are our main priority, so a proper release date is a little on the back burner. We're just happy to have it finished. If you're in Sydney you can check it out at the UNSW COFA Annual, it will be on a large screen - pretty cool, we've tried it out already.

[Addressing accessibility concerns] Can players use any alternative to their voice to play the game?

I feel like I'm spoiling the end of a story by saying yes. The game focuses on the noise level that is captured by the mic. In testing, we found people would shout or yell or swear, but also clap or tap their mic, blow into it. Really any noise can be used.