Fans of side scrolling beat 'em ups with a penchant for sticker hording, your day has come. Super Comboman is all about mashing out ground and air combos on mindless workers, smashing all sorts of breakable objects, and a little bit of physics-based puzzle solving. The next puzzle developer Interabang Entertainment has to solve, though, is getting enough funding for its Kickstarter, which has almost hit 10% of its $14,900 goal in one day.

Super Comboman revolves around unsung sticker star Struggles who is rather agile for his frame, possibly due to the aerodynamics of his triple-nugget hairdo or the magical fanny pack he wears. I'm a fan of the sticker artwork, for sure, but the art found in the rewards section joyously screams Capcom nostalgia to me.

Super Comboman has a tentative May 2013 release date for Mac and Windows, with Android, iOS and Linux as stretch goals.