Having to pay for new Super Mario Bros 2 level DLC (or almost any other DLC) got you down? Going Loud Studios hears your cry and answers with its upcoming Live Freeium or Die content coming for the industry-parodying DLC Quest. This new campaign will be released in Q4 2012 for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 and will offer a new world to explore, new enemies to face and new DLC to purchase with in-game coins.

Live Freemium or Die will be a free update on PC and Mac. On Xbox, it will be a new standalone game for $1, as DLC Quest sells for $1 there versus $2 on the other platforms (and there is no $2 option on XBLIG). Developer Ben Kane says that Live Freemium or Die will be included with DLC Quest on Steam if it gets voted up on Greenlight.