Xra's experimental programming and exploring PC game Memory of a Broken Dimension is slightly less shrouded in mystery thanks to this gameplay video and last month's SOWN presentation finally edited. The game takes place in at least two different modes: part computer terminal and part reality as created by the computer.

The time at the terminal prompt screen involves typing in commands to manipulate files received from the future. When the commands run the files, the game loads into a distorted first-person perspective. It is then up to the player to come to a certain vantage point so that the data fragments are seen as a whole and form physical objects.

In the SOWN talk, creator Ezra Hanson-White mentions that Memory of a Broken Dimension is partly inspired by learning much less user-friendly computers when he was younger. He wants players to feel like they are operating a computer not a game character in the game, with all the challenges of mastering the former. In the video after the jump, he also discusses the radio being a source of inspiration, how such a small device could tune into so many different channels.