calculator quest.pngSkipmore's and Urara-Works' Calculator Quest for iOS and Android brings me back to my high school days playing Tetris on a TI-83 for some reason. However, this quest actually helps familiarize players with a calculator. Along with having a normal caculator mode, there are two minigames. Players must type the numbers and symbols as fast as they can in Quickdraw Colosseum and solve simple math equations in Mental Math Kingdom.

While the BGM and graphics are appropriate, more could have been done to make this appealing to RPG fans: enemies that hit back, a narrative, and an HP and MP system. Still, I like Calculator Quest for what it is: an interesting mesh of a game genre with an ordinary tool, similar to all those keyboard typing games. This one, though, may help you become a 10-key master and envy of data entry employees around the world.