eerie.pngSeems everyone is fond of horror games these days. Probably has something to do with the financial crisis, but let's not dwell on that. Better let you know about Erie; one of the actually few freeware horror games around. Well, it's a survival horror-esque affair taking place back in 1966 and following a partial nuclear meltdown and the subsequent strange events taking place in a sleepy Michigan town by Lake Erie.

You get to play as Oliver Victor, an interestingly named Red Cross investigator, sent to help and, uhm, investigate what is actually going on, only to end up running for his life and avoiding mutated horrors. Then you, the player, will get to scream quite a bit, as Erie isn't afraid of jump scares, which it is competent enough to masterfully tie to its overall atmosphere. Trust me, them jump-scares do work... As does the rest of this rather stunning game.

Download Erie over at Desura and have a look at its official site over here.