In "stunning, crisp 240p" Jamie's Revenge 2, the sequel to 2008's Jamie's Revenge, follows 16-bit platforming tropes to a tee with a healthy blend of Mario and Sonic mechanics and a lack of frustrating twitch-tests.

The game offers two playable characters with skill sets that make each of the 23 stages across 7 worlds a different challenge to complete. Whereas Jamie has a spin attack that acts as a double jump, Pebz has a wide-arching jump kick and can access new paths by breaking rocks.

One mechanic I particularly enjoyed was using a rope with a propeller attached to move up the sides of certain areas. The game doesn't provide tutorials to tell me how to use it, so it took a moment to sink in that I had to do alter my perspective. Figuring that out made me happy a gamer.

I couldn't figure out how to get high rankings, so I asked developer Jake Greer, who said I was graded on 1) time taken, 2) enemies defeated, and 3) steaks collected. Dying resets the score and gives a time penalty.

The music and options are the icing to this tasty game cake. The EXTRA option has some awesome tidbits and random trivia, such as the developer showing side-by-side sprites for Revenge and Revenge 2 to highlight the re-animations. I must also commend Johan Hargne for the music, featuring instruments that I think would make Master Higgins (especially his SNES incarnation) proud.

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