Very much a nod to Ecco the Dolphin, Sergey Obolonkov's Jellyova is finally complete and free for Windows users to try. Jellyova throws players into an underwater action/adventure as a jellyfish that can change its color to solve puzzles and affect shiny crystals.

And like Ecco the Dolphin, Jellyova is pretty damn hard, which was Obolonkov's intention. He recalled to me 'The Undercaves' level, where Ecco first met an octopus. Ecco had to swim slowly not to be noticed, yet not too slowly since Ecco needed air to breathe. "It was an annoying place - and thrilling at the same time," he recollected.

I certainly experienced a bit of both with Jellyova, and its ambient music and charming visuals helped ease me into the difficulty. Why not give it a go?