Katabasis (Greek for "descent") for Windows and Mac is a frightening first-person adventure where players wander through bizarrely marked environments in a Russian wilderness, "while attempting to understand things that might not be understandable." While the game is light on mechanics and interactivity, the bleak atmosphere helps tell a twisted tale about a father, a son, and some ancient gods.

The games Tyler Snell cite to IndieGames as inspiration should come as no surprise. "I think I'd say Amnesia: The Dark Decent and Dear Esther. Both made me rethink a lot about games, mainly with the idea of focusing on the experience of playing, rather than on mechanics and interactivity. I had the idea of projecting some of the elements of Amnesia into a Dear Esther type framework, which really led to how it ended up being (I played Dear Esther about halfway through development). Home and Proteus were also big inspirations..."

He said his biggest inspiration overall, outside of the Dyatlov Pass incident, were the short stories of Algernon Blackwood. "He does an incredible job of getting you in the mind of the characters, and slowly building up a lot of psychological tension. H.P. Lovecraft said that Blackwood's story The Willows was the best horror story ever written. My idea from the beginning was to make a sort of game equivalent of a Blackwood short story."