itazura.pngThis Halloween-themed vertical bullet hell shmup from Inatsuka Haru will seem mostly like a Touhou game on the surface, but it offers players a frantic, Gradius-like upgrade system which should help it stand out. Also, excuse my dropping the title formatting convention, as it was a bit long: お菓子くれなかったから、街破壊(いたずら)しちゃうよっ!(romanized as okashikurenakattakara, gaihakai [itazura] shichayo! and translated to Because you didn't give me candy, I'm going to prank you!)

Those who think this Windows freeware is also simply a vertical alternative to Deathsmiles would trivialize the experience a bit. The game has no continues. Let's get that frustration out of the way. However, the game cascades with crackers (even during boss battles) that cash into stronger weapons, a shield, a bomb, and more life. A rank meter that dictates the in-game difficulty also builds with each collected cracker, too. Lastly, I feel I should mention that the pause menu is adorably written in English as tea time!

If nothing else, I think this teaches an appreciation for simpler power-up systems in bullet hells.

[Download link]