Microchip Monsters developer Peculiar Games has released a free downloadable version of its console-style roguelike Voyage to Farland for Windows and Linux.

Described as "a Shiren the Wanderer fanatic's humble homage to the Mystery Dungeon games and Chunsoft," Voyage to Farland was first developed as a homebrew Nintendo DS title before later being ported to Android. The game boasts a lengthy quest in addition to a series of unlockable bonus dungeons, including a set of puzzle-oriented levels.

I'm a big fan of the Mystery Dungeon series, and Voyage to Farland follows the template closely, offering familiar elements like NPC party members and the ability to temporarily morph into monsters. It's great stuff, especially if you find other PC roguelikes intimidating due to their complexity. Note that you'll need to have Java installed to play this one.