Recoil Games has released an extensive gameplay video showcasing new features for a sequel to its 2011 puzzle platformer Rochard, currently in pre-production.

Work on the sequel began soon after the original Rochard was complete, but a series of setbacks jeopardized its development.

"PSN Store got hacked and shattered to little pieces. This is where things started going wrong," Recoil Games explains. "Further funding was not available and the release date was postponed to late September. Layoffs were inevitable, but a small group went on to port and polish the game further for Steam and the Mac App Store platforms.

"When the game finally became available on PSN Store on September 27th 2011, there was not enough buzz for it to sell despite it being IGN Editors' Choice and getting other great awards. We had no funds to do any marketing ourselves, so there was no choice but to rush the PC version to Steam despite the bad market timing."

A boxed retail release and a featured spot in The Humble Indie Bundle 6 helped to ease Recoil's financial woes, however, and the developer notes that "a DLC and a sequel are definitely in our plans." Rochard 2 is currently on hold until Recoil can secure additional funding.