Beau Blyth's (Teknogames') latest multiplayer Samurai Gunn blends feudal Japanese with the Wild West, creating tense rounds of sword and gun play. Those wanting proof need only check out VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh and Infinite Blank developer Evan Balster duking it out in the above clip.

Basic ground rules to foster careful play are that the gun has only three bullets per fight round, swords can deflect bullets, and swords can parry opponents' strikes. Players can even chisel out rocky terrain into deadly traps with their swords. The winner is the first to 10 kills.

Curiously, Blyth's previous games, 0Space, Shoot First, and Action Fist all have a multiplayer element, too. Samurai Gunn's versus chaos caused quite a stir at the Fantastic Arcade but is not yet ready for wide release.

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[source: Venus Patrol]