IGGmarathon.jpgThe Indie Games for Good Marathon kicks off today, a live-streaming event that encourages people to donate to Child's Play while generating exposure for independently developed games. The marathoners keep playing as long as people keep donating, and the games played during the marathon will be determined by requests from the donors.

The marathon also gives back, with multiple game codes for over 50 games planned through raffles. Fans can also purchase personalized items through an auction, such as a signed Journey art book, ThatGameCompany shirts, and a character named after you in the next game by Daniel Remar (creator of Iji).

Interviews with devs from The Ship, Ms. Spolsion Man, SpaceChem, and more are planned on this schedule. Be sure to check the list as it updates when certain games and devs will make an appearance.

Last year, the team played 79 hours of indie games and raised $6,816.40 for Child's Play. As of this writing, before the marathon has even begun, they have raised $4,617.00.