quest.pngHaving already covered my dear Inform 7 and the excellent Twine, Indie Tools now presents you with another, radically different tool for your text-adventure needs: Quest.

Unlike Twine that can almost exclusively be used for choose-your-own-adventures and Inform 7 whose attempt at a natural language scripting environment can alienate, Quest uses a menu-driven system supported by a very simple scripting language. Truth be said, most basic stuff can be achieved via almost intuitive pointing-and-clicking, meaning you can have a simple first game ready in minutes.

Said game could either be a proper piece of interactive fiction, a choose-your-own-hyperlink affair or, happily, anything in between. As an added bonus you can include all sorts of pictures, sounds and movies in your game and even code and publish in the language of your choice; a pretty important feature for something text-based.

Should you be interested in crafting a more complex offering, well, Quest seems powerful enough to handle almost everything you can think of and definitely anything I can come up with. Interestingly it is also an incredibly handy tool, that will finally allow me to finish that game I've been battling with for over three years and failed to do in flash...

Quest can be downloaded for free for you Windows XP/Vista/7 PC and can help you create either Windows or web games. Oh, and you can easily have your creations appear on the iOS App Store, though a paid app would come with a fee.