Involving dead fathers, secret novels, the weapons industry, helpless children and '80s Sweden, The Samaritan Paradox is a truly indie attempt at a point-and-click thriller that has set out to become the perfect interactive fusion of Stieg Larsson and the Brothers Grimm. Yes, it does sound like an overtly ambitious project for what is practically a one-man team, but Petter Ljungqvist seems like he's actually going to both release the game and make sure it lives up to our classic point-and-click standards.

The game, you see, is already looking beautiful and charmingly low-res and you can even give its rather hefty demo a try.

What's more, you can help its development by supporting it via IndieGoGo where $10 will earn you a copy of the thing upon release and will help The Samaritan Paradox reach its humble goal and be all the better for it. The fundraiser will apparently help cover the voice acting costs and we all know how important quality voice work can be, don't we?