Hello Games' stunt-racing game Joe Danger 2: The Movie just released on PlayStation Network for $14.99 with 10 extra hours of gaming (50 in total) compared to last month's XBLA release. Both versions see Joe take on more terrain and more vehicles as he plays stuntman to the movies using skies, mine carts and more, along with his trusty motorbike.

Joe Danger's next stop is the iOS platform. Regarding PC, developer Sean Murray said on Reddit yesterday, "If there's enough people shouting at us to release on PC, or any other platform, then we'll always try to oblige. Now consoles are out of the way, it's something we might try to find time for. As it happens I was playing a PC dev version like an hour ago."

I've enjoyed the enthusiasm of Joe Danger and its development team ever since I played it at PAX East 2010 and loved the iOS early build I played at PAX East 2012. Everyone should give the series a try on whatever platform they have or demand it for whatever it's not on.

For those curious as to what Hello Games' dev life has been like: