Rainbow Nightmare: Libra will be a retro RPG mashup with traditional overhead RPG exploring, side scrolling platforming, and card collecting. Featuring cat girls, robots, zombies, and sometimes a combination of these three, AudioMew seems to be hitting several of the popular gaming tropes.

I reached out to developer Karl Crawford about the battle system, since it wasn't too apparent in the video. "The battle system is standard turn based, much like Final Fantasy 6 with class switching, except during battle you're allowed to switch between 3 different classes." In an update, Crawford describes "class dancing," which allows you to "switch between these 3 classes to maximize healing, damage, or defense. This allows you to set up your own strategies and pacing."

These hyper chiptunes jolted me out of my otherwise mellow weekend, and I figured they'd do the same for you. It might be just me, but the character closeup art doesn't mesh as well as it could with the otherwise charming pixel graphics. If you want to help out Rainbow Nightmare: Libra, visit its Kickstarter page or spread the word. The Windows-bound game is almost at 15% of its $9,000 goal, and if it reaches $20,000, the developer will support Mac and Linux.

[Thanks, readers Kimberly W. and Molly]