With the recent rebirth of rogue-likes and Kickstarter's thing for reviving classic franchises, Jeff McCord, the creator of C64 gem Sword of Fargoal, and the aptly named Fargoal team have decided to try and fund Sword of Fargoal 2 the popular way. Sadly, things haven't gone too well so far and though the money-pledging period is close to its end, the goal has yet to be achieved. A crying shame if you ask me and if you take into account that the original Fargoal was a brilliant rogue-like that will apparently be wisely updated and enriched.

Besides, a modest backing of $8 will get you the complete game on iOS and $15 the PC/Mac/Linux version, whereas a hefty $1000 will earn you the mouth-watering "retro" version of the game, complete with a working Commodore 64 computer and a copy of the original.