Squares to the Limit creator Thank You for Playing has released Enter Thy Name, a roguelike for Windows available as a free download, or for a price of your choosing. An OSX version is coming soon.

Enter Thy Name offers a broad variety of passive and active items found throughout the game's randomized levels. These items impact a unique seven-point stat system, which determines the player's health and abilities.

"The distinguishing feature of Enter Thy Name is its decentralized health and resource system, which encourages players to engage each enemy deliberately and tactically," Thank You for Playing explains. "Rather than hit points or mana, players and enemies have seven stats, each acting independently as a resource and target for abilities. If any stat reaches zero, you're toast."

In an interesting move, Thank You for Playing is offering a printed, full-color instruction manual for Enter Thy Name as a purchase incentive. Buyers who pay $9.99 or more will have the 16-page manual mailed to them, and will also receive a downloadable soundtrack and custom font. The font and soundtrack are also available for a minimum purchase of $1.99.