primordiaPreview1.pngAges have passed since legendary Man walked the planet. All that is now left are lesser machines built by those built by Man; humble images of the All-Builder forever trying to speak the Word and keep the Code. Well, according to the Gospel of Man at least, but as Horatio and his creation, Crispin, are about to discover, things in the wastelands beyond the ominous yet promising city of Metropol can be much more complicated than any ancient religion could predict.

It all starts when a marauding foe invades Horatio's home, an ancient derelict spaceship, and steals his power source, forcing him to set out on a perilous journey of survival and, almost surprisingly, self-discovery. Not surprisingly though that's pretty much all you need to know about the plot of Primordia as anything else would be dangerously close to spoiler territory.

primordiaPreview2.pngOn the spoiler-free side of things, let me disclose that, this being a game published and co-developed by indie adventure stalwarts Wadjet Eye Games and the excellently named Wormwood Studios, it of course is a rather traditional point-and-click adventure crafted in AGS. As expected and judging only by a relatively short preview build it also seems like another terrific and impressively polished offering; something genre lovers cannot afford to miss.

Why? Well, for starters, the plot and the droids-only post-apocalyptic setting are definitely unique and well thought out. Then, the graphics look rich and incredibly detailed and are quite the showcase of what lower resolutions can achieve, whereas both the voice-over and the game's soundtrack have been carefully done and are perfectly suited for that Beneath A Steel Sky feel the Primordia so successfully evokes.

What's more, the first few puzzles of the game promise a properly challenging and smart offering that will tax your lateral thinking skills without ever becoming ridiculously obscure. Everything I was challenged with so far seemed organically tied to the Primordia story and actually made sense in its unique world.

So, uhm, yes. Better keep an eye out for this one. We definitely will.