Cruise Racing and Super Box Factory developer David Walters has released his first commercial product: the turn-based strategy game Blood, Grain and Steel for Windows. A free demo version is also available.

Blood, Grain and Steel takes a streamlined approach to the strategy genre, boasting quick battles and speedy gameplay ideal for lunch breaks and other moments in which time is limited. Battles can be waged in over 280 included maps against an AI opponent in a single-player campaign, or with friends in hotseat, LAN, and e-mail multiplayer modes.

"Blood, Grain and Steel was inspired by classic board games such as Chess but I've taken a slightly more realistic approach by incorporating simple terrain types into the board (modelled as if they were physical wooden pieces from a real board game) and used more conventional movement rules for the units," Walters notes. "The units themselves are inspired by the statues that the Gods played with in the original Clash of the Titans movie and are presented as abstract marble figures."

Blood, Grain and Steel is regularly priced at $15, but is available for $9.99 until November 17th.