Since my preview detailing the glories and successes of brutal arcade split-'em-skulls-up Hotline Miami, quite a few things have happened, but only two that should be of interest to anyone reading this post: a) I played the game quite a bit more, took my time with it and discovered that the thing, excellent gameplay and disturbing atmosphere aside, also sports a truly intriguing and well-written story, and b) Hotline Miami has finally been released and you can now grab it from such places as and Steam.

Oh, and before you go off buying your digital goods, know that in Hotline Miami's case (also, for a change) you can actually believe the hype... It's a fantastic, demanding and very rewarding game nobody should miss. Provided you can stomach all that pixelated violence and them dark overtones, that is. Gaming, you see, may never get its Citizen Kane but it can already be proud of its American Psycho.