CBE Software, the refreshingly innovative dev team that has already provided us with the delightfully sui generis J.U.L.I.A., has gone on and finally released its vampire infested save-'em-up for PC and Mac: Vampires. Yes, appropriately on a Halloween, but, no, without the forcing you to actually destroy the undead bit. Or deal with zombies.

Having already played the game for more than my fair share of hours, I think I'd best describe it as pretty wild take on Lemmings with elements of Pipemania. Players are tasked with leading the titular vampires to the exits of each level and the safety of their crypts, mainly by rotating the tiles each level is made up of. Adding all sorts of traps, baddies such as vampire-hunters and tools like garlic-clouds mixes things up quite a bit and provides a beautifully entertaining learning curve and a taxing experience.

Better though try the Vampires! demo out for yourselves. It will make instantly sense and showcase what a great, polished and good-looking game this is.

Interestingly Vampires! is currently only available to purchase via CBE's brand new, DRM-free online store that has also just been launched. Said store allows for unlimited redownloads and will soon be populated with all sorts of CBE games and free goodies, including the exclusive J.U.L.I.A. Untold and more Vampires! levels.