Backstory: Active Enterprises released the unlicensed compilation cartridge Action 52 for the Nintendo Entertainment System more than 20 years ago. It featured 52 of the worst games imaginable, some of which were almost entirely unplayable. Also, it retailed for $199.99.

In 2010, a group of indie developers set out to remake (and hopefully improve upon) every game featured in Action 52. One of the most successful efforts was Arthur Lee's Streemerz, which turned a promising Action 52 concept into a challenging Bionic Commando parody.

This week, Faux Game Company has released an NES port of the remade Streemerz as a downloadable ROM image, which can be played in emulators and on original hardware using a flash cart. Streemerz will also be released on cartridge in the near future via RetroUSB. I really enjoyed the PC version -- can't wait to add the cart to my NES collection!

[via Tiny Cartridge]