Billed as both a "spy-berpunk adventure" and "first person slapstick comedy," this teaser for Jazzpunk from Necrophone Games whets my appetite for funk.

Developer Luis Hernandez told me that he and Jess Brouse are trying their best to balance the gender gags, despite the trailer having a more female focus. Hernandez says they're "going for the Naked Gun/Airplane/Hot Shots 1980s 'spoof' style."

The duo is also going to great lengths to assure the comedic timing and placement is appropriate. They claim to have implemented a Jokes Per Minute Meter to help determine where and when comedy is running dry and a Joke Heatmap to analyze problem areas and survey joke potentials in a given level.

Maybe they just made all that up to show their dedication to the craft. Either way, we'll better know the pedigree of their humor soon when Jazzpunk releases for Windows and Mac.

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