p0_screen06.pngThis week Alexander Martin (Droqen) has released his first commercial game, endless platformer Probability 0, for $5 along with a collection of three more games for $5 extra. Yes, the bundle and standalone game prices have changed from $12/$9 respectively to $10/$5, but Droqen told me that he'd give early purchasers a choice: "they'll get a partial refund or my next paid game for free, whatever it is."

While we've taken a look at the main attraction last month, here we look at the three Friend games: Pirattitude, Fishbane, and Starseed Pilgrim.

starseed.pngStarseed Pilgrim is a musical and symphonic exploration of one's own space, a sort of a puzzle game/sandbox. The player plants platforms in order to traverse empty space and must cross gaps with growth to discover more things.

fishbane.pngFishbane is an expansion of the original freeware game, with six extra quests included along with the original 11 all in one downloadable. It's a harpooning puzzle platformer; the player uses the harpoon to hold buttons, strike enemies, climb cliffs, and even ride across the whole map.

pirate1.pngLastly, Pirattitude is a two- to four-player chaotic party game. Droqen says that "death comes quickly and easily, and it's always fun: you're crushed, or shoved off the edge, or exploded into pirate-flavoured bits. There is a gigantic custom options screen - pictured below - for making your own modes (like in worms, among other games)."

If you've ever enjoyed one or more of Droqen's amazing and free games, now would be a great time to show him your appreciation.