The newest batch of game industry projects from Vancouver Film School students are out now, and the first title I quickly gravitated to was Major Hertz, a third person 80's badass simulator for Windows. This fun slice of a game has zero-gravity, guns, grunts, and gripping arcade-style gameplay. As seen in the trailer, the explosions are plenty, but what gives the game its kick is what happens when the player boosts off ramps, allowing a bullet-time like mode to destroy dozens of enemies or a few key explosive barrels.

Sure, Major Hertz is only a handful of levels long and feels like it's missing a huge final boss, but it overall makes for a visually and mechanically thrilling experience. I can only hope someone finds these students' resumes in the game install (smart idea!) and give them money to expand their project. Congrats, James Daniell, Alex Schmidt, Josh Reader, Michael Shannon, and Ed Hicks.