chimera.pngBack when games were distributed on cassettes, Shahid Ahmad created the original Chimera for Atari in 1985. Labeled an "homage to (rip-off of) Knight Lore and Alien 8," it's an isometric adventure of sorts with the added concern of constantly dwindling health stats. Ahmad announced in 2010 a 25th anniversary edition of the game, and finally, this project hit 1.0 and is available for free on Windows and Mac.

Yes, it looks a little different and is missing the flashier HUD. The creator states that this is just the beginning: "it forms the basis for something a lot better, which will contain all the ideas I had for the sequel back in the day, plus some recent ones. You'll like that I think. Next year."

Need a refresher on Chimera? Check out the original footage after the jump.

[Source: Retro Remakes]