a hat in time 1.jpgMecha the Slag describes the Zelda Wind Waker-looking A Hat in Time as a collectathon adventure game, citing collectathons such as Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Donkey Kong 64 as inspiration. In other words, this indie is boldly attemping 3D patforming instead of the common 2D.

While platforming is a key element, the Hat Kid main character uses an umbrella as a melee weapon, hookshot, and even a propeller. The Kid somehow changes time and history to explore different realities and collect more stuff, too.

The developer estimates a Windows demo for December and a full release in Summer 2013, with 5 hours of gameplay and a tentative price of $1. For now, a Santorini-inspired, white-washed level has been brought to life in these videos:

I really like the finalized Hat Kid design, but the animation has a little ways to go. Still, I like what I see and hear so far and am happy to vote for A Hat in Time on Steam Greenlight.