Australia-based Nintendo DS and Wii developer Nnooo is gearing up to launch Spirit Hunters Inc: Light and Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow, a pair of downloadable titles for Nintendo DSi and 3DS systems that use the platforms' cameras during gameplay.

In the Spirit Hunters games, players choose an attack element and use the DSi/3DS camera to scan for spirit hiding places in real-world objects and locations. It's not easy; some spirits are attracted to certain colors, while others will only come out at specific times during the day.

Once you've uncovered a spirit, you must battle it from a first-person perspective using a variety of touch screen-based attacks and abilities. Capture the spirit and you're rewarded with experience points -- gain enough levels and you'll unlock new abilities and encounter more powerful creatures. It's an addicting formula!

In a very Pokemon-like twist, there are certain spirits that can only be caught in each version of the game, and there are 96 spirit types in all. The Spirit Hunters games are priced at $7.99 each, and will be released on November 22nd.