This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include a gravity-defying puzzle-platformer, the collaborative effort from Rocketcat Games and Sword of Fargoal developer Madgarden, a Silent Hill-inspired horror title, plus a new game pick from Indie Royale's recent Halloween Bundle.

Here's some recent highlights from

Game Pick: 'Pid' (Might and Delight, commercial indie)
"In Pid, players are equipped with a tool that can attach itself to surfaces within the game's world and alter gravity within the area of a projected beam."

Game Pick: 'Venusian Vengeance' (Alec Stamos, commercial indie)
"Similar to classics like Ikari Warriors, Venusian Vengeance is a vertically scrolling action game in which a lone soldier must take down an army of space communists and their alien pals."

Game Pick: 'Candy Grapple' (Switchbreak, commercial indie)
"In Candy Grapple, players swing from a series of suspended platforms using a simple one-touch control scheme, collecting candy and avoiding the enemies that infest each level."

Game Pick: 'Home' (Benjamin Rivers, commercial indie)
"Billed as 'a unique horror adventure' by creator Benjamin Rivers, Home shares very little in common with the usual indie horror style, opting for pixels and subtlety over obvious scares and loud sound design."

Game Pick: 'Spaceman in Space' (Ben304 & Grundislav, freeware)
"Spaceman in Space is a short, sweet tale that will have you navigating through a strange universe in an attempt to retrieve the Spaceman's rubber ducky from the evil clutches of a space witch."

Game Pick: 'Punch Quest' (Rocketcat Games, commercial indie)
"Keeping its mechanics simple for touch screens, Punch Quest maps its controls to taps from your two thumbs. The result is a testosterone-fueled frenzy of jabs, uppercuts, and body slams...with the occasional ride on a laser-spewing velociraptor."

Game Pick: 'Lord of Vandaria' (TogeProductions, browser)
"Lord of Vandaria is a relatively meaty, campaign-driven tower defense/tower offense-like game that will have you building troops, upgrading them and engaging in familiar war-like activities."

Game Pick: 'Almond-Hill' (SnowConeSolid, freeware)
"Inspired by Konami's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Almond-Hill is a brief experience in which players must explore the deserted town of Almond-Hill in search of a runaway cat."

Game Pick: 'Blood, Grain and Steel' (David Walters, commercial indie)
"Blood, Grain and Steel takes a streamlined approach to the strategy genre, boasting quick battles and speedy gameplay ideal for lunch breaks and other moments in which time is limited."

Game Pick: 'Katabasis' (Tyler Snell, freeware)
"Katabasis is a frightening first-person adventure where players wander through bizarrely marked environments in a Russian wilderness while attempting to understand things that might not be understandable."

Game Pick: 'The Silver Tree' (Failbetter Games, browser)
"Ever wondered how Failbetter Games' London ended up a subterranean metropolis populated by demons, talking cats and an assortment of other strange creatures? Well, now's your chance to find out."