puzzle popstar.pngPuzzle Popstar! is a graphically and mechanically bright puzzler that is just begging for an expansion. "I fixed what I think is wrong with casual puzzle games. Levels with actual variety, puzzles that actually require being clever and not just trial and error," writes the creator Joel Bouchard-Lamontagne (logicow).

Players use a magical line to connect the popping star objects to all the other like-colored objects. Order, angle, refractions, warmholes, and supernovas all play a part in this brilliant puzzler. I wasn't kidding about the begging, either, even though it's modest. "I'd start a Kickstarter to fund an iOS and android deluxe version, but starting projects is US+UK only," he says with a wink. I bet mobile players would eat Puzzle Popstar! up.

[source: Free Indie Games]