top down super crate box.pngInspired by Vlambeer's Super Crate Box and Connor Ullmann's Dromad, Ahmed Abdel Samea's Top Down Super Crate Box is pretty much what you think it is: Super Crate Box with a top-down perspective. The developer nails the addictive nature of collecting more and more crates to unlock several different weapons, characters, and stages.

Amidos created this for the NES-themed Ludum Dare Charity Game Jam in a couple of days. To play the game, you must hit the "Power" button (it should be green) on the NES and then "Reset" to find the current collection of games.

Top Down Super Crate Box is a fun diversion, though I wonder if it could have more enemies and use walls and corridors instead of the current stage layouts. How would you design a Super Crate Box in a top down perspective?