velodrome.pngMatthew Brown's Velodrome is a pulse-pounding combination of rhythm and racing that requires one to four players to tap to the dynamic beat. Made for the month-long TIGSource Sports Competition, the game rates the rhythm tapping from "perfect" to "miss," and the more timely taps further propel the pick-vehicle. I had issue with the game's timing at first, but after contacting Brown, he added an option to calibrate audio lag. [Thanks, MB!]

More songs, the ability to play half-notes or quarter-notes, and the ability to affect adversely other racers by the beat would be great to expand this solid concept. Here's to hoping that Brown stays with Velodrome after the compo is over. Then again, it looks like he is already deep in a music-making, tower defense game called Sentinel. Its video is after the jump.

While waiting for Sentinel to release, be sure to try out Brown's free, browser title Velodrome.