Rotateam may have a sleeper hit with Ubinota, a 3D puzzler with a release that seemed to just fall from the sky. The main goal requires the player to paint white blocks certain colors to keep houses from falling. The art design is bright and rich, and the music so far is light and fluffy, complementing the real joy that is the gameplay.

The free Windows demo introduces the simpler mechanics of painting white blocks with blue and red. The blue must connect from sturdy columns to somehow keep the houses standing. The first trick comes when players don't have enough paint to connect the columns to the houses and must create a safe bed for the houses to fall on.

Yes, Ubinota's got physics. These come into play more with the red paint that give the blocks balloon-like abilities. These blocks will help keep the houses afloat when there are no sturdy columns to connect to. Even trickier puzzles will have players using solid and balloon properties together.

I admit the first few stages might feel too slow, but the hand holding quickly stops with Ubinota becoming refreshing and challenging. I really can't wait to dive into the rest of the magical paint colors.

For now, though, I hope everyone has a blast with Ubinota's demo; it easily suggests the $10 full game will be worth it. Those at least slightly interested can vote for it on Steam Greenlight, too.

[source: TIGSource]